*To the letter is an English idiom meaning exactly, following every detail.

Acknowledgements: activity inspired by Norman Coe's Writing Skills: A problem-solving approach, CUP, 1983


1. Fast reading. Time yourself. You have 15 seconds to SCAN the letter below and say what the purpose for writing was. Choose ONE of the four options.

Why do this? A fast glimpse at the letter will help you understand what the letter is about on the whole (without having to read and understand word by word). Fast reading is useful:
   To prepare for exams.
   In order to get trained to spot specific information.

A.- To complain about teachers who do house exchanges.
B.- To offer to put up some teachers in his/her own home.
C.- To answer to some people's advertisement about a proposal for a house exchange.
D.- To discuss the advantages of "linguistic holidays".



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