How to write letters  
     How to describe  
     How to narrate  
     Free writing  
     The press  
     Vocabulary practice  
Cloze tests & multiple choice practice
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   Guided Tour  
1. The Mochicans
Objectives: Reading for the main ideas; Identifying the topic sentences. Guessing the meaning of a word from the context. Reading about Pre-Inca civilisations.
2. Coming soon
Objectives: Switching into the topic of critical reviews. Fitting a set of sentences into a text. Improving first drafts and your writing ability in general.
  3. Story telling
Objectives: Reading Celtic stories. Improving your vocab and your narration abilities. Tense revision.
    4. Break the news
Objectives: Being aware of the way the language works in the press. Summarizing ideas. Looking into news for fun.
  5. Follow instructions to the letter
Objectives:Looking into formal letters Imitating models.