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  Structure: Each activity is built around a READING. There are Pre-Reading tasks, the While-Reading section (with the text itself) and the After-Reading proposals. At the end of each unit there is a WRITING. The whole of the Unit prepares you for the final writing task. You are guided into your writing by grammar boxes, vocabulary preparation, written models and various other tools.
  There is tutoring support through a built-in e-mailing facility, as long as you work with Microsoft Explorer. You will have to provide your tutor's e-mail whenever you wish to send your writings, which can then be tutorised, corrected or simply commented upon for guidance and encouragement.
  The interface makes SWIM a user-friendly tool.
  You will be given feedback throughout your learning process through the self-correcting activities.
  SWIM can be an exclusive learning tool in itself but it is meant to work preferably as a complementary tool for learners who are attending classroom teaching or doing distance learning through other Internet tools.
  You are the protagonist, the learner swimmer. In this sense SWIM has built in "Why-do-this?" explanations for you to understand your learning process and the reason why you are doing every activity.
  SWIM is not just grammar drills or boxes with vocabulary lists. It will offer you meaningful work so that you can improve both your WRITING and your READING abilities.