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1. Christmas time
Objectives: Finding out the key idea of a reading text. Recycling vocabulary. Comparing good and bad summaries.
2. Immigration
Objectives:Feature articles: understanding the main idea and their organisation.
  3. Immigration and human rights
Objectives: Raising questions about human rights and immigration. Focussing on the main ideas of a text.
    4. The time of your life
Objectives:Working on synonyms and seeing the word operate in a context.
  5. Legend of King Arthur
Objectives:Reading legends. Learning facts about them. Learning connectors for your writings. Practise your narration abilities.
    6. About aboriginal myths
Objectives:Practising your tenses for narration. Reading stories of the creation myths of Aboriginal Australians. Word families.
  7. The sad story of the Parthenon
Objectives:Learning about the history of the Parthenon in Athens. Writing a persuasive article trying to convince someone of something.
    8. Letters to the editor
Objectives: Letters of opinion: good ones vs. bad ones. Reading for pleasure about all-women schools. Doing cloze tests.