How to write letters  
     How to describe  
     How to narrate  
     Free writing  
     The press  
     Vocabulary practice  
Cloze tests & multiple choice practice
   What is SWIM?  
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   Guided Tour  
1. E-p@ls
Objectives: Writing introductory letters.
2. Getting to know e-p@ls better
Objectives: Vocabulary work. Understanding implicit information in a text .
  3. Decent propos@ls
Objectives: Learning phrases, collocations and new vocabulary. Writing persuasively.
    4. My Xanadú
Objectives:Practising how to describe places. Understanding thegeneral meaning of a text. Enlarging your vocabulary.
  5. Odious comparisons
Objectives:Organising descriptions. Reading for explicit & specific information. Comparing different places.
    6. Fine salt
Objectives:Explaining the meaning of new words in English. Narrating Working on connectors.
  7. Keeping a diary
Objectives:Writing freely for fun. Spotting mistakes. Improving your first draft in order to write better.
    8. A sixth sense for mazes
Objectives:Exploring the possibilities of a story. Reading for fun. Writing from a model.