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SWIM (See What I Mean) is a pedagogical tool for students of English as a foreign language basically designed to enhance reading and writing abilities. It aims at:

Providing four different levels of work: Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced.
  Providing tutoring support through a built-in e-mailing facility.
  Offering a number of flexible working paths to suit different learning needs like for instance: level, vocabulary, test practice, letter writing, narration, description, grammar...
  Giving a clear structure which is maintained throughout the operating levels. Pre-Reading, While-Reading and After-Reading tasks.
  Incorporating learning-to-learn proposals into the activities.
  Giving scaffold vocabulary practice.
  Being interactive so that learners can receive feedback immediately after practice.
  Being flexible in that many of the activities can be used either for individual learning, pair work or group interaction.
  Working from the internet to provide distant teaching and learning.
  Working from computer labs in school class groups with or without teacher support.
  Working from self-access centres.
  Raising contemporary and relevant issues and topics.
  Providing thought-provoking tasks.
  Providing rounded off and coherently contextualised working units around a series of pedagogical aims as opposed to commercial products based on isolated language activities.