How to write letters  
     How to describe  
     How to narrate  
     Free writing  
     The press  
     Vocabulary practice  
Cloze tests & multiple choice practice
   What is SWIM?  
Author & Acknowledgements
   Guided Tour  
1. A red-letter day
Objectives: Vocab work. Writing a note with an invitation. Doing cloze tests. Starting and ending informal letters. Improving your writing with attitude words.
2. Bear Up
Objectives: Describing unpleasant feelings. Enlarging your vocabulary. Informal letter writing.
  3. Someone with a past
Objectives: Story-writing. Organising the events in a stor. Learning new phrases and English proverbs. Building up your vocab.
    4. Apologies & protests
Objectives:Being exposed to the language of protests and apologies. Food for thought and for debate. Writing letters of complaint.
  5. Consider yourself gifted
Objectives:Describing objects. Practising connectors and phrases. Learning set phrases to be grateful and to apologise.
    6. Do you follow me?
Objectives:Writing right or wrong instructions.