1. VOCABULARY WARM-UP: Classify the following sentences under protests or apologies. Note that some of the sentences are more formal than others and also some are stronger than others.

Why do this?
   You will be exposed to the language of protests and apologies.
   You will become familiar with expressions that you may use later on.

1.- How can you expect people to pay for the service you provide?

2.- I refuse to pay for this rubbish.

3.- I am terribly sorry that I failed to (+VERB).

4.- You should train your officers to be more helpful, human and polite.

5.- I am very surprised that a reputable organisation like yours could take such an action.

6.- It is time something was done about this human trade.

7.- I hope this does not stop you from leading a dignified life in our country from now on.

8.- I shall complain about...

9.- I'd greatly appreciate if you did something for us.

10.- And it's not the first time this happens.

11.- I would like to apologise for treating you like that.

12.- In my opinion the treatment has been bad and the deal exceeding unfair.

13.- I am awfully sorry about what has happened.

14.- Could you try to do something about this?



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