Idiom meaning to remain brave and strong espcially in a difficult situation.


1. Imagine the following. You used to live in one of the camps erected in Europe to do forced labour. This one below is a picture of what your camp looked like. Read the three examples given below (which describe a person's feelings when living there) and write in the box sensations you would have had if you lived in such a place. Try to use as good English as possible. Don't just stick to adjectives you already know.

Use a dictionary with synonyms.

Why do this?
   To refresh and enlarge your vocabulary.
   To practise how to describe something while expressing one's personal feelings.
   To be able to compare your writing to the reading text in the while-reading section.     

i.e The alterations and repairs in the buildings were made hastily and with incredible shoddiness!

i.e. We were bullied by the guards butů much we cared!

i.e. When I was hungry, I became the most docile and broken-spirited creature imaginable.

Note: This is a first draft. Do not send it yet. Do the reading in the following page and then come back to improve your draft. Send it afterwards.



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