1. Birthday presents: It is your friend's birthday and you have been to the shops to get him something. See below some of the presents you saw .

Why do this?
     To refresh/enlarge your vocabulary.
     To prepare to describe the presents later on.




2. You want to share your presents with your friend Isabel so you write a letter to her telling her about your idea.Decide which presents you are going to buy and, then, complete the two missing paragraphs in the letter with a description.

Why do this? To work on descriptions by playing with the language around one concept.

Dear Isabel,

As you remember it is Tom's birthday in a fortnight. I went shopping a couple of days ago and got him the following:



The two presents cost me about 30 €. What do you think? Did I do as you expected me to ?
Please write back with your thoughts. If you like, we can write a note from the two of us to enclose with the present.



Show this writing to your teacher, if you like.



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