Expression meaning "Do you get what I mean?"


1. You and your partner want to set up a new business but right now you cannot afford to pay for a brand new office. A relative of yours has offered to let you this place (shown in the picture below) for a very reasonable price but, as seen in the photograph, the building needs redecoration.
By following the tips below, make a list of all the jobs that need to be done. Use different modal verbs as shown in the remember box. E-mail your list or show it to your teacher for suggestions.

   No plants
   Broken window panes
   Walls with torn wall paper
   Roof with loose tiles
   Bad smell
   Damp walls
   No toilet
   No front garden
   Old and insufficient electricity power system
   Just few pieces of old furniture
   No pictures on walls
   No shop windows
   Main door

Rundown building with balcony, Bisbee, AZ
Copyright © 1999, Don Baccus




You can use "Should", "Must", "Ought to", "Could", and "Might ..." for those things that have to be done (i.e. "we should replace the window panes and then clean them").

You can use "Needn't ..." for those things that you can do without (i.e. "we needn't grow too many plants now. We could just weed and clean the garden").



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