An idiom meaning one day which will always be remembered because something pleasant happened on it.


1. Look at the objects in the chart below. Give each object at least 3 uses by writing in the box as follows: "You could (can, may, might) use this ... to ...". Some objects are easier than others. Apart from obvious uses, you may also come up with ingenious, far-fetched or even crazy ones! If you have the chance to do this activity with someone else, turn it into an entertaining competition. Each of you must try to outdo (beat) the other both in the number and originality of your suggestions.

Why do this?
   To switch into English.
   To revise vocabulary.
   To revise some modals expressing possibility/suggestion, as in: "You could (can, may, might) use these diamonds to..."
   To defy your imagination.

a suitcase
a key
a stone
a red rose
one finger
a plaster
a flag
a map
a plunger


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