1. Match the words (in the left column) with their corresponding definition (in the right column). Try to use your knowledge and your logic rather than the dictionary. There is only ONE possible correspondence.

Why do this?
   The words on the left are key (important) words in the story that follows. Understanding the words will help you understand the story line.
   Seeing the definition of a word helps you:
       Get used to explaining things in English instead of translating.
       Make your English richer.

1. fine

A. A male sovereign ruler

2. chicken

B. The passing of a throne onto another person

3. married

C. One's female children

4. king

D. Sentence that requests information or an answer

5. sun

E. Warm, affectionate and kind feelings

6. inn-keeper

F. Precious yellow metal

7. dinner

G. The heavenly body that gives us light and warmth

8. precious

H. White substance obtained from the evaporation of sea water. It is used to flavour and preserve food.

9. succession

I. Go away from, no longer live, cease to belong

10. salt

J. Public house where people may have lodgings, drink and meals

11. inn

K. The person who keeps an inn

12. daughters

L. Of great value and beauty

13. love

M. United in marriage, the legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife.

14. tasteless

N. Main meal of the day, whether eaten at midday or in the evening.

15. leave

O. Young bird, especially a young hen that people eat

16. gold

P. Having no taste, no flavour

17. question

Q. Of very small particles (i.e sand, salt); capable of delicate perception, good.




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