Getting to know e-p@ls better


1. Do the following multiple choice. Tick the right answer:

Why do this? To recycle vocabulary/grammar from activity one (E-Pals) and to prepare for the reading.

1. The hours I work (i.e. from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) are my …
A. times.
B. timetable.
C. organization.


2. When I am dressed, I can say that I … clothes.
A. put on
B. carry
C. am wearing

3. When we say that we live in a tourist town with ancient ruins, we …
A. are giving a description.
B. are narrating.
C. are analysing this place.

4. Verbs like "love", "like", "dislike", "hate", "enjoy" take a …
A. gerund
B. verb
C. past

5. A town like Tarragona is … the Mediterranean coast.
A. on
B. in
C. at

6. To express your age in English it is better to say…
A. I have 32.
B. I am 32.
C. I have 32 years.

7. The irregular verb "find" is "found" in the past tense. The past of the verb "meet" is …
A. meet
B. meeted
C. met

8. "I do some sports … swimming, walking, aerobics"
A. for example
B. like
C. for instance

9. When you start a sentence with "At the moment", you then write …
A. "I am working for El País"
B. "I work for El País"
C. "I worked for El País"

10. When I ask a new friend to describe himself/herself I can say:
A. "How are you?"
B. "What are you like?"
C. "What's your description?"



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