1. Match the column on the left to the column on the right. There is more than one possibility. Try several.

Why do this?
     To recycle previous vocabulary.
     To observe collocations that are right and collocations that are wrong.

1. I live in

A. I am working as a graphic designer

2. At the moment

B. are 36

3. I like

C. very tight and hard

4. Tarragona's on the

D. Tarragona

5. Sometimes

E. swimming, body fitness and walking on the mountains

6. How about you?

F. Outspoken and frank but … always in clouds!

7. My e-pal and I

G. the well-known Roman ruins

8. The sea is near

H. I wear a suit at work

9. What are you like?

I. I also enjoy the cinema

10. My timetable's

J. coast



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