1. You are going to read the letters of opinion that two readers have addressed to the editor of a newspaper. Either on your own or with a partner, read the two letters and, after reading, answer the questions below orally or in written form:

Why do this? The letters of opinion are samples of right and wrong letters. They will show you what you should and what you shouldn't do. Also, the questions below will make you think about some important aspects of letter writing.

a) What is the topic of the newspaper article that the letters refer to?

b) Which of the two letters is more appropriate? Why?

c) Is it better to express opinions in just one paragraph or in several?

d) If you are writing your reactions to an article, should you explicitly quote the article? (i.e. "I am writing to say that I read the article "Tissue" on the Monday issue of your newspaper (26.06.2000) andů"


e) Which start is more appropriate?




Letters to the editor


Dear Editor,
I was absolutely disgusted to read on your newspaper that already 20% of women today resort to plastic surgery to remain ageless. Being a feminist I strongly resent this attitude since, quite obviously, most men today still don't give a damn what they look like or, at the most, they merely try to look clean and tidy. I wish women cared more about their brains than about their looks!!



I am writing to say that I read the article "Tissue" in the Monday issue of your newspaper (26.06.2000) and I believe that this is a major issue that needs to be discussed in public these days.
Like Mrs. Blake, I am deeply worried to see to which extent women are concerned about their looks.
On the one hand I can agree with the view that all people (both women and men) should look after themselves in order to look clean and tidy. Also along these lines, I can understand people who resort to plastic surgery in order to feel better and as a way to improve their self-esteem.
On the other hand, however, I resent the obsession that some women show in being perfect, ageless and permanently desirable. I think it responds to a lack of self-confidence and to a narcissistic personality to some extent.
My suggestion is that we concentrate more on seeing human beings as whole persons rather than building up social pressure on their looks.



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