1. See how many of the following questions on the legends of King Arthur you can answer. Try and discuss them with a partner.

You may like to seek in the Web the information you need.

For various info on the characters, the battles, the historical background, Celtic beliefs versus Roman Christianity, etc. click here.
For info on King Arthur click here or here.
For info on Merlin click here.
For info on The Lady of the Lakes click here.
If you wish to tour Britain's magical lands click here.

Why do this?
     To elicit your knowledge on the legends.
     To motivate you for the reading.
     For communication and reading purposes.

1. Arthur in Celtic (Artos Viros) means .


2. Gawain's name means .

3. Merlin was a .

4. Merlin was .

5. The famous STONEHENGE (magic stones in Britain) were brought by Merlin's magical powers from .

6. The legend says that Merlin taught The Lady of the Lake all his mystical powers because .

7. The Lady of the Lake presented to King Arthur.

8. King Arthur's legend goes back to the century.

9. Water deities were very popular with Celtic society and offerings at rivers and lakes were commonplace. This practice continues today at across the country.

10. King Arthur was fatally wounded at the battle of . Excalibur then had to be reclaimed and returned to misty waters and Arthur escorted to Avalon.



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