1. Vocabulary: You are going to read the letter that Tom wrote both to Louise and Isabel. Note that, although the letter seems the same as before, some expressions have been altered. Note also that 12 phrasses are missing in the letter. Read the text from beginning to end first, then read the 15 phrases you are given at the bottom of the letter and decide which are the 12 phases missing and where they should go.

Why do this?
   To get trained in this kind of activity
   To see how the linking phrases of version one can be expressed in a different way without changing the meaning.
   To learn as many linking phrases as possible.
   To practice how to find the right phrase for the right place in the text so that you can imitate this in your own writings.



Dear Isabel and Louise,

I found your present but I got it two weeks after! my birthday. You must have thought I was very ungrateful to you both, but you're wrong there, and the story that follows will account for my delay.

when the postman brought the envelope home I was away on a short holiday in the Canary islands. I went there to do some scuba-diving in the magnificient reefs whose underwater life is still breathtaking.

On that day, my neighbour Rosa happened to open the door next to mine on her way to the park with her 3 kids and she talked to the postman. she was kind enough to accept to keep the envelope for me till I came back. Then, her 7-year-old daughter María hid the envelope in her anorak. Later on, with recycled paper, she dropped the envelope through the top opening.

It was only a few days later, when I arrived home one evening that my neighbour opened the door and told me about the postman. She then went inside to fetch the envelope but, it wasn't there.

After quite a lot of detective work on the children, little María confessed. Then we hurried to the container and the funniest thing happened. María, offered to slide through the top opening to try and find the envelope among the rest of the cardboard. She disappeared inside before the puzzled eyes of the people passing by. After a short while we saw her large eyes sparkling with joy as she produced a creased yellowish envelope which I opened just to find your two precious presents - still intact - in the inside.

one can't say that receiving presents is an easier thing to do than sending them !

Thanks a lot for being such caring friends !




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