Toca Toca causal program mail
WINDOWS 32 For Windows 95, 98, Millennium, XP, Vista, W7 , CATALN

New TocaToca v 2.22 and v 2.21 (compatible W7)

TocaToca de 32 bits v 2.13 29/03/10

Program documentation

Toca Toca step by step (spanish)

ISAAC 2010 .ISAAC 2010. Categorize photos using pictograms.

 Match photos. Associate equal images. Algunas son realmente difciles. Some are really hard.

 Circit elemental car racing. Work left and right.

 Colors Identificar colores de una paleta. Identify colors in a colorful palette


 Colors object Colores Identify Colors of a object.

 Guess. Guess an object from a visual clue. It is like a hieroglyph.

Numbers. Amounts to 9. (170 Kb)

Animals Exercises animal sounds and pictures of animals. (341 Kb?