Gregor Mendel
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Gregor Mendel is one of the most famous biologists in the history. His experiments crossing peas and, coverall, the interpretation that he gave to its results cause that Mendel is known as the founder of the genetics.

Gregor Mendel Gregor Johann Mendel was born on july 22, 1822 in Hyncice (Moravia, today Czech republic), son of a relatively poor family of peasants. In 1843 he entered the augustinian monastery of Brno (Moravia) and studied mathematics and science in the university of Vienna.

In order to study variance and inheritance, Mendel made his experiments in the Brno monastery's garden. Between 1854 and 1863 he cultivated and tested over 27.000 pea plants, paying attention only to one or two caracters every time.

endel interpreted his results in a form very similar to how we do it in the present. This fact is extraordinary, considering that in his time chromosomes and meiosis were unknown.

Mendel published his work in 1866, but his article had little relevance between the scientific community. In 1868, Mendel was elected prior of his monastery. He died in 1884.

The year 1900, three biologists (Hugo de Vries, Carl Correns and Erich von Tschermak) made crossing experiments and reached conclusions very similar to those from Mendel. They also rediscovered the Mendel's article and recognized his priority. Genetics began its impressive development that turned it, during XX century, in one of the most important biological sciences.

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