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Hello, this is Josep Suller's web page. This web is intended for any student of English as a foreign language, but especially for my students at the Oficial Language School of Tarragona (EOI Tarragona) who have missed one or more classes and want to know what we have done, where we are, the homework for next class, important dates for exams, lab sessions, assignments to hand in with their deadlines, etc. You will also be able to download the photocopies I have given everyday if you don't have them (in pdf. format -you will need to install Adobe acrobat reader if it is not in your computer-). Even if you already have these photocopies, they can also be very useful for you as a tool for later revision, since they will be available without the solutions and you can redo the exercises and check afterwards with the answers corrected in the class. Only my students will have access to these files and information in the"restricted section". A password I have given in class will be needed.

In the restricted secction you will also find some extra exercises and material of all kinds, (grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening activities, etc.) divided according to levels.

However, I strongly recommend you to do your best to avoid missing classes, since attendance and participation is extremely important.


There are some extra exercises at five different levels that are accessible to everybody (left column). You don't need any password to do them.

At the top of this page you have a link to my email, so that you can send me the assignments if you cannot attend the class any day. I hope you enjoy my web and find it useful!

Remember that feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

IMPORTANT: If you are a teacher who wants to download the handout of any of my talks / workshops, you should click on the tab: TEACHERS. Then, at the bottom of the page, you'll see a box where you can type in the password (in small letters) I gave you. Do not press the Enter button to accept, you have to use the mouse left button.