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Theresa Yiakoumatou

Project for age groups : 15-18 years

Curriculum Areas : Languages
The idea: The European Union is now preparing for its biggest enlargement ever in terms of scope and diversity. The arrival of new members will enrich the EU through increased cultural diversity, interchange of ideas, and better understanding of other peoples. As enlargement is becoming a reality, teachers in Europe must explain its benefits in terms of better life-prospects for Europe's people: employment, economic growth, and fair competition in a wider zone of peace, security and justice. In order to achieve the benefits of the enlargement we have to share our dreams of united Europe. A good way to do this is by telling a story.

Classes from schools around Europe write a novel together. Each Spring Day novel involves a group of five schools.

The Question:
Write a story about the Europe of year 2054. Try to include in your story the benefits of enlarging the Union. Write an exciting introduction that will immediately excite and engage the learners. Tie it to background knowledge you already have, and give reasons for the importance of the enlargement.

The action:

Each class writes a different chapter of the novel. The class needs to relate to all previous chapters (unless they have the job of writing the first chapter) continuing the novel from the point it was left by the previous class. The final version of each chapter is sent by e-mail to the other classes.

Each chapter is posted on the Spring Day Novel web page. Each sequel will be translated into all 5 languages spoken by the writers. The completed novel is put up on the web site, together with the list of schools and classes that participated.

The project can begin as soon as five schools are ready and the project has been coordinated with the project director. Ideally, the project should begin in January.

Project Co-ordinator : Theresa Yiakoumatou, Educational Portal of Greece

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