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by Sylvia Binger from Germany

¿Deseas encontrar una escuela con la que hermanarte? / Contactar con la Coordinadora Spring en España / Foro Spring en castellano


Prepare your activity:

- Decide on a European country/place you would like to go to.
- Collect information about that country/place. (Spring Day resources)
- Imagine a situation that could happen to you in that country and which is strange / a new experience for you.
- Imagine your thoughts and feelings and that of the others.
- Make your story interesting for your readers, perhaps funny, but with a serious background.

There are different activities possible:

1. Make a comic strip about this event.
2. Write a short story describing this event and your feelings and thoughts.
3. Draw/Paint a picture expressing the title 'Me in another country'.

Would you like to contact a school from the country you chose to go to share your feelings?

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