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(By Sylvia Binger from Germany)

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Organise a trip around Europe in groups:

1. Decide on 5 European countries you would like to go to:

  • At least two candidate countries for students of member countries
  • At least two member countries for students of candidate countries

2. Decide on the places you would like to go to in the countries - but: not the capitals!

3. Collect information on these places: pictures/photos, maps, webpages, order brochures etc.

4. Decide on a route plan (where would you start, travel next to and where would you finish your trip)

5. Decide on the means of transportation

6. Prepare your trip keeping in mind:

a - Famous sights
b - Special local food
c - Travel equipment
d - Dos and donts in the other countries
e - Which souvenir to take home


1. Explain all your decisions to your classmates/ the other groups.

2. Write an e-mail postcard to your friends and describe typical features of the place/country you are.
3. Write a travel diary: Impressions of each country/place.
4. Prepare a poster to be presented at your school.

Number 2 and 3 could be put in the net as an outcome of Spring Day.

The activity can be done as 'Europe in 5 days' or one group - one country.

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