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Two girls attending a public school in the outskirts of Paris have been officially expelled from their school for wearing Muslim headscarves

These two girls are sisters. They are sixteen and eighteen years old. Their father is a Jew who is also an atheist, and their mother is a non-practicing Muslim. They are divorced. Although becoming practicing Muslims has been their personal decision, their father is on their side and thinks they have a right to wear headscarves.

French colleges have suspended students for dressing in Islamic clothes before. At the moment it appears there is no clear line on whether wearing a headscarf is a matter for the individual or the college to decide.

In France there is now a debate on whether a school uniform wouldn't be a solution to students concern with fashion brands, to teenagers displaying underwear and to adolescents dressing in Islamic clothes.


  • Do you think students should be expelled for wanting to look different?
  • What is your opinion about school uniforms?
  • Do you think school uniforms are a way to avoid class and money differences among students?