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Opinion Essay

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Read the following article and connect its 10 paragraphs to these ten ideas.

a Embryonic stem cells are easy to grow in the lab but can develop into tumours. Adult stem cells are a little more difficult to grow in the lab but don't produce tumours.
b There's a debate on whether to use adult or embryonic stem cells to cure illnesses
c A patient's own stem cells would produce tissues with no genetic problems of acceptance, but these are dificult to isolate.
d There's an ethical debate on this issue: curing illnesses using embryos and respecting human life are in conflict.
e Stem cells generate tissues; embryonic stem cells are pluripotent (can produce any tissue); adult stem cells are taken from a particular tissue but can also produce a different tissue.
f There're different opinions on when human life starts, but it's a fact that to collect the embryonic stem cells the embryo has to be destroyed.
g Embryonic stem cells are not the only useful ones. Adult stem cells can also do it.
h Some think cloning is necessary.
i The controversy exists because to get embryonic stem cells you have to create an embryo and then destroy it, when a human life has started.
j Specific cells can be transplanted to people suffering from illnesses such as diabetes