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For the teacher

  1. What is celebrated on the following days in 2011?

09 March
17 April
22 April
24 April

  1. Find out when Easter will be celebrated in 2012
  2. Translate: Lent, Holy Friday, Easter Sunday, Holy Week, Holy Thursday, the Last Supper, Palm Sunday, .Ash Wednesday,
  3. Put these days in the right order: Holy Friday, Easter Sunday, Holy Thursday, Palm Sunday, Ash Wednesday, Carnival.
  4. What do they represent?
  5. How is Carnival also called in French and English?
  6. How is Holy Thursday called?
  1. Name seven Easter Recipes
  2. Copy the Easter Egg Recipe and translate the unknown vocabulary.
  3. What is the egg the symbol of?
  4. They were painted with bright colours to represent what?
  5. What do Crimson eggs represent? Translate crimson
  6. What colour are the eggs used in Austria on Maundy Thursday?
  7. How do Armenians decorate eggs?
  8. Where do the British names for the days of the week come from?.
  1. Send an Easter Greeting Card
  2. An Easter Quizz with focus on language
  3. Scrambled words
  4. Vocabulary a, b, c, d.

  1. Reading comprehension
  2. For Upper students only.