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Monte Perdido (Lost Mountain) and Cilindro

Description of the itinerary

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Excursion of high mountain, to the third peak of the Pyrinees, the Monte Perdido (Mont Perdito in Aragonese), and also one of those that offer more extense and beautiful panoramic views attains. On its side, the Cylinder of Marboré (Zelindro Marmorés in Aragonese), another peak above the 3.300 m, more difficult and less frequented, that dominates all the peaks of the circus of Gavernie or of Marboré. This two peaks, together with the pike of Añisclo or Soum of Ramond, form the one that Las Tres Sorores is called (As Tres Serols in Aragonese), very distinguished set of the Pyrinees.
The massif of the Monte Perdido is part of the national Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, that it understands the valley of Ordesa, Añisclo, Escuaín and Pineta, and that has continuity in French territory with the National Park of the Pyrinees Occidentals, where it highlights the Valley and Circus of Gavarnie.
How to get there
We depart from the shelter of Góriz (2.200 m), normal way of ascent. To access to it the most frequent is from the Pradera d'Ordesa, at 1.300 m, and rising for all the magnificent valley of the river Arazas, one of the most beautiful places of the Pyrinees. The Pradera is entered from the village of Torla, with buses that leave each 15 min.
Another more comfortable but less attractive possibility is to rise until the oriel of Vacarizuela (at 2.200 m), in the sierra of Cutas, with some touristic buses. It is necessary to brief itself of the timetables in Torla or in Fanlo.
Technical data
Time: 5-6 h. (12 from the Pradera d'Ordesa).
Slope: 1.100 m. (2.000 from the Pradera).
Distance: 8,5 km. (31,5 from the Pradera).
Difficulty: High mountain. Already beside the peak of the Monte Perdido there is the famous "Escupidera", place that has provoked many deaths when there is snow; otherwise it does not present problems. The Cylinder is more difficult and has two steps of 3rd degree.
All the typical precautions of the high mountain: footwear, coat, solar protection, etc. Until few years ago the Monte Perdido always had a glacier that required crampons; at present, in summer period breakthrough often can be made without, but it is necessary to brief itself before. To make the Cylinder it is necessary to bring rope, at least of 30 m, and bodrier.
Description of the route
Refugi de Góriz, lago Helado, Mont Perdut/Cilindre.
Of the Pradera de Ordesa in the shelter of Góriz goes too far for the canyon of the river Arazas, spectacular. In an hour and half it goes in the Gradas de Suaso and with two hours to the Cola of Caballo. As far as here everything is an itinerary touristic and with many people. We continue Clavijas de Suaso as weary or for the GR-11 (who supposes 15 min more) and in three hours we arrive to the shelter. All the itinerary is from great beauty.

0 0.00 h. Shelter of Góriz. 255476 - 4727938 - 2200. The path comes out from the side of the meteorological station and futile in direction W. Immediately we leave in the right the GR and a while afterwards, after a wall, also the one that goes to the Pike of Añisclo. Afterwards we turn N, to cost-us in the ravine of Góriz and we enter already in a zone stony, with some climbing without difficulty.
1. 1.50 h. Lago Helado. 256455 - 4729853 - 2987. At the foot of the pass of the Cylinder, between the Monte Perdido, in the right, and the Cylinder, in the left. To go to the Monte Perdido we rise to the right of the glacier, from the edge, that is necessary more up to leave and to enter into the glacier. If there is snow, it is necessary on top to be very attentive of not approaching towards the side of Pineta, since in this point the glacier is dangerous: it is the Spittoon, which has provoked many mortal accidents.
2. 3.00 h. Monte Perdido. 260925 - 4727925 - 3358. Peak spectacular and of very wide views.
To go to the Cylinder, from the Lago Helado we rise for a narrow and right canal, leaving in the left and under a path that goes in the pike of Marboré. On top of the canal there is one little pass, between the Cylinder and the SW python. Here it is necessary to make a climbing of 3rd degree. Assuring is careful. In general people rise it for the most evident crack, in the center of the comilk, but some 30 m more down, on the side N, there is another easier crack and widely ignored. Also we ignored it and rose for the first and only upward we discovered the other one. Afterwards the edge is followed a while, and we arrive to another wall, shorter, but also difficult and for which it is also convenient to have rope. Once this step has been overcome, we attain the peak easily. The Cylinder dominates all the peaks of the circus of Gavernie and, behind them, the Vignemale, in more of many others.
We make the return by the same way. It is necessary to count out some two long hours until the shelter and three more until the Pradera.

Date of the path
25-26 July of 2009 with a group of the CMSC.
Useful maps
Ordesa-Monte Perdido. Alpine Publishing Company.
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