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Ascent to the Great Encantat

Description of the itinerary

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The ascent to the Encantats does not need justification: we were before one of the most mythical landscapes not only of Catalonia, but even universal. The effort to arrive at the top is important and the satisfaction of mountain, when it reaches it, of which award.
How to get there
From Espot it is possible to be taken taxis to the lake of Sant Maurici, that is what it is anticipated in this description. Also it is possible to start from the parking that there is to the entrance of the park, between Espot and Sant Maurici. In this case it is precise two hours more and an unevenness of 1,100 ms.
Technical data
Time: 5,30 h.
Slope: 800 m.
Distance: 7,7 km.
Difficulty: F3; T3. Sections in which there are to climb vertically and with a precipice of 500 m.
High mountain. Good footwear and mainly not to have giddiness. It is not possible to be done if it is had. He is advisable to put fasten in the last section.
Description of the route
Lake of Sant Maurici - Mallafré Refuge - Valleta Seca - Coll dels Encantats - Great Encantat
0,00 h. Lake of Sant Maurici. 336901 - 4716549 - 1934. We left where they leave the taxis us towards the Mallafré refuge (10 '). We left to the right the way of the valley of Monestero and in front of the refuge we followed a way (SE) that raises by the valleta Seca, elevated on the valley of Monestero.

1,03 h. Fork. 336888 - 4714699 - 2286. We left the way that goes to the bottom of the valley and we turned to the left (NE) to enter in a very pending and closed channel, with way plans.

2,02 h. Coll dels Encantats. 337277 - 4714826 - 2587. We turned to the left (NW) near the crest, climbing in some pieces, until in a small breach we happened Southeastern alongside of the crest. From here we climbed very vertically, but with safe handles. The problem can come by the vertical position and the precipice of more than 500 ms than we have down, and that force to us to have the very safe head.

2,50 h. Great Encantat. 337171 - 4714966 - 2745. Excellent panoramic look, in spite of being surrounded by higher tops. The slope becomes by the same way, since to go to the gift dels Encantats and the Encantat Petit it is precise scaling techniques.

Date of the path
On September of 2007.
Useful maps
Sant Maurici-els Encantats. Editorial Alpina. Granollers
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