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Pica d'Estats

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The Pica d'Estats reunites incentives sufficient to turn its ascent a mythical landmark for any hiker: with 3,143 ms of altitude it is the highest top of the Països Catalans, everything a symbol; the effort that supposes the same ascent is everything a challenge to which hardly we know ourselves to deny; the splendour of the panorama that we obtain from the top is indelible, with an extension of mountain ranges and tips on our feet that makes seem smaller to you and simultaneously puff up the spirit to you; the same beauty of the way, by anyone of its sides, is already a prize. The ascent that is offered here is by the French side, leaving from the Artiga, with overnith stay in the refuge of Pinet. It is one more a longer and perhaps not as attractive as raising from the plan of Boet, the Catalan side, but equally good option.
How to get there
It is precise to go to by the D-20, the axis of Arieja, between Acs and Fois. In Tarascon on Arieja we took the D-108 in Vic-of-sòç, Auzat, Marc and the Artiga. The way leaves us in the parking of the Artiga, from where it is precise to begin in walking. The day that we did those of the CMSC we left a kilometer before, of the place of picnic of the crossing from the track to the forest of Fontanals, since we went with bus (371935 - 4730432 - 1120, point 1 of the map).
Technical data
Time: 10,00 h.
Slope: 2.000 ms.
Distance: 22 km.
Difficulty: It does not have special difficulties. He is one of 3000 more accessible, but always it is precise to remember that is high mountain.
It is needed experience and equipment high mountain, although it is not a difficult top. Crampons can be necessary, but during the summer in general they do not make lack.
Description of the route
The Artiga - Orris of plan of Nouzère - Refuge of Pinet - Coll de Riufred - Pica d'Estats
0,00 h. Parking of the Artiga. 371093 - 4730042 - 1179 (point 2 of the map). A clear indication to the "Montcalm" put us in the good way (the French chauvinism does not let here make the ridiculous situation, since the Montcalm is a three thousand a quite inferior one, in all the senses, to Pica, without the fact to be in exclusively French territory does not give any preeminence). The way (SW) goes next to the stream by a shaded place of shore. After 800 ms, shortly after returning to pass the stream, it agrees to be kind to the indications that rotate to us to the left (SE), in a strong ascent. If some confused one continued straight would arrive at a cascade, a pretty stroll. Immediately we entered in a beech forest and soon the way resumes direction SW.

1,30 h. Orris of the plan of Nouzère. 369498 - 4729186 - 1675. Shortly after leaving the forest. To the left it leaves a way that pass by the Sourd lake. The GR continues straight, between meadows, while the sight is been high and mighty. The ascent is become lasts, mainly the final section, before the refuge.

3,00 h. Refuge de Pinet. 368733 - 4727975 - 2238. Of the CAF, next to the small lake of Pinet, it offers the few comforts of these rough places.. To 7 in the morning we began the ascent, lasts and constant. The way leaves the foot of the lake and raises (S) by the valleta of Bars, with the stream of Estats to the right. Soon we see the bottom of the valley the col of Sotllo. To the right we have the rough tips of the Guins, the one of the Talps and the one of Ase. To the height of the lake of Estats, that is underneath us, we turned to the left (SE), by the valley of Montcalm, until the lake of Montcalm, where we return to turn South.

5,30 h. Coll de Riufred. 369158 - 4725691 - 2978. Between the Montcalm, to the left, and the Pica d'Estats, to the right. Ahead the valley of Riufred is opened, with a series of lakes. We continued by the careening (SW) until we reach the col (3,102 ms) between the tips of Verdaguer and Estats. We raised the left.

6,00 h. Pica d'Estats. 368807 - 4725277 - 3143. We have already arrived. The day is good and wonderful. Close they emphasize the tip of Verdaguer, the Sotllo and the careening of the Guins (W and NW), the end of Gabarró (SE) and Montcalm (NE). Further on a sea of tops, tips and mountain ranges, everything a world, huge and magnificent, and that there is to enjoy with calm.

The return we do it by the same way. Of all ways he is recommendable, if sufficient spirit is had, to also make the tip of Verdaguer, that does not represent more than 10 min, and that is very easy; and also the Montcalm, for which already min is necessary to count more on about 40, but also easy. Again in the refuge he is better to lower by the way of the lake Sourd, smoother than the GR.. Without excessive haste, it is precise to count for all it between 4-5 h.

Date of the path
the 24 of June of 2007. Dedicated to the companions Alfred, Imma, Teresa, Carmen, Isi and Xavier, that did 3000 for the first time, and also to the other companions of the CMSC.
Useful maps
Pica d'Estats - Mont-Roig, Alpine Editorial, E-25, Barcelone.
Vicdessos, pics d'Estats et du Montcalm, 2148 OT, TOP 25, IGN, Paris.
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