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Puig Peric

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The "Peric" is one of the most nice and interesting regional peaks. When ascending to it, one may enjoy the view of two extraordinary lake areas. Camporells, which we find before arriving to the Perics, to the east. It has been declared "site classé" by the French government.
To the west, the not less spectacular lakes of the valley of la Llosa, which we will find when descending. On the other side, it must be mentioned that the peak is almost 3000 m, so has a high mountain flavor. All in all it makes this itinerary very rewarding, eventhough the effort is substantial too.
How to get there
Once in Puigcerdà, must take the french route N-116 direction Mont-Lluis. From the roundabout just before arriving to this village, take the D-118 direction Formigueres i Quillan . Just when entering Formigueres there is a road at left going to the ski slopes. We take it and leave the car at the parking place by the ski facilities.
The way this itinerary is presented requires either to have a support car at les Bolloses or to take a taxi back. During part of summertime the road to les Bolloses is closed to the private traffic but there is a shuttle bus available.

It's also possible to walk a circular journey, as described in the alternative routes 1 and

Technical data
Time: 6:45 h.
Slope: 1.300 m up and 800 m down.
Distance: 18,6 Km.
Difficulty: No special difficulties but the lenght of the journey must be considered, as well as the significant slope and its steepness.
Must take enough water because any one found throughout the journey is not drinkable. Good mountain boots. It's mandatory to be sure of good weather. It's advisable to walk it on summertime.
Description of the route
Estació d'esquí de Formigueres - cim de la serra de Mauri - paratge de Camporells - Petit Peric - Puig Peric - vall de la Llosa - estany de la Bollosa.
Formigueres ski station. 0:00h. 1.740 m. The chair lift operates july and august. By taking it we save 300 m of steep slope which happens to be the less interesting part of the journey. It can be done also by car, eventhough the track is not good enough. If we go up walking, we start from the parking area, initially following the chairs and then passing under them by turning right to follow a track. We must not take the track at left -suitable for cars- because it forces a long detour. Our track arrives to a ski slope which we have to follow right up. Then we find again the good track we did not take before and follow it at right. We leave another one also at our right and we are close to the upper station of the lift.

Upper station.0:50h. 2.095m. We go up on the track (NW) till a barrier placed to prevent the cars to continue. (leave the cars here would we had choosen this option). A few meters more and we find signals allowing us to leave the track and walk on a broad path, which goes up on the right side of the Serra de Mauri, which we are following. Afterwards we find again the track which we leave soon. Once we arrive to the mountain edge, we are close to the highest point of this range.

Top of the Serra de Mauri. 1:40h; 2.412m. It's a small peak with a rock-pile. It offers a very good view of the valley of Lladura, Serra dels Alarbs, Puig del Pam (S) and the two Peric peaks (WSW). We continue on the path which goes down fast towards the valley of Camporells. We soon see a number of lakes, in one of the most beatiful spots of the Pyrenees. The path continues down zigzagging to a point between the Estany Gros and the Estany del Mig. There is a path at left which would take us in 5' to the Shelter of Camporells.

Estany Gros. 2:05h; 2.250m. The alternative route nbr 1 leaves from this point. We go up through grassy fields, to arrive to the mountain edge NE which comes down from the Petit Peric. Once there, the path gets pretty steep. One has to climb calmly. The slope turns smoother when we are almost at the top.

Petit Peric. 3:15h; 2.690m. Ample and beautiful view. Mainly towards Camporells and les Bolloses. To the W we see the peak Peric which from here seems inaccesible. To get there we descend westwards, to a col.

Col between the two Perics. 3:25h; 2.610m. There is a path at left coming from les Bolloses which could be used as alternative route (see nbr. 2). We continue W till the peak of Puig Peric by a very steep blurred path.

Puig Peric. 4:00h; 2.810m. The view broadens to the four cardinal points. To the S les Bolloses and behind it, the full axis of the Pyrenees. The Puigmal outstands. Right under us (SW) we see the lakes of the valley of la Llosa with the Carlit and the Andorra border mountains in the back. To the W, very close, the Puig de la Portella, and farther away Pic Pedrós, Pic d'Esquinie d'Ase and a few other. To the N the Puig de la Portella Gran, peak Mortiers, peak Baixullada and Roc Blanc. Slightly at right, under our feet, the upper lakes of Camporells. The lower ones are hidden by the Petit Peric.
We may go down by a very steep gravel slope (W) which goes directly to the estany de la Llosa. But it's better to walk a few meters on the ridge (NW), towards the Puig de la Portella Gran and then descend on a gravel path over the Petit Estany Blau. There our path joins with another one coming from the valley of Orlu through the Portella Gran.

Estany Baix. 5:00h. 2.400m. We continue our descent following the water course, amidst lakes and fields, in a swampy area. We arrive to a metallic shelter by a small lake (2.250m) and a path joins us from the left, which is the alternative route 2. Then we leave the estany de l'Esparver at our left (we might visit it). The path goes down to another swampy area. We are close to the lake of les Bolloses. There we find the path "tour du Capcir".

Footbridge. 6:00h; 2.050m. It's named after Maurice Marty and bridges over the river la Tet. We continue and soon the GR 10 joins us from the right. We continue down in order to surround the lake of la Bollosa, which will always see at our left till we arrive to the hotel parking. We cross to the other side.

Shelter of les Bolloses. 6:45h; 2.020m. It's the end of the road D-60, coming from Mont-Lluis.

Alternative route 1. Tour by Camporells.
This route enables us to come back on a different way. We start this alternative at the Estany Gros after having mounted the peak Peric. It's indicated in the map with dotted lines. It's a long walk only advisable if there is no possibility to use the chairlift to descend.

Estany gros. 6:00h; 2.250m. We walk on the left bank of the estany del Mig till the shelter. Just in front of it we find the route "tour del Capcir" which we take direction les Bolloses (S). It goes flat.
Crosspath. 6:08h; 2.250m. We leave the "tour del Capcir" by taking a yellow marked path at left, just before crossing a rill. This path is pretty bad and passes by the cascade of Salt dels Porcs, descending steeply at the beginning. The slope gets smoother and just before arriving to the estany de la Basseta we find a track which must take to the left.
Shelter la Lladura. 7:15h; 1.770m. It's closed. There is a picnic area. We leave the track that goes to the shelter and shortly after, we leave a track at right and go slightly up by the one at left. The track surrounds the Pla de la Jaceta i the Pla del Bouc (1.900m) and starts descending. We inmediately leave at left the deviation (if going by car we might park here) which would take us to the upper station of the chair lift and we are back at the main ski station in 15'.
Formigueres ski station. 8:00h.

Alternative route 2. Tour by les Bolloses.
This route takes us up and down the Perics from les Bolloses. The way is indicated in the map with dotted lines.
It's the best option in order to avoid the total circuit. Total slope is 800m and the time required is about 6:00h.

Shelter of the Estany de la Bollosa. We follow the descending path in the reverse direction till the footbridge. There are two alternatives from here.

a) Continue following the route "tour du Capcir" direction Camporells, which takes us to La Balmeta (horse yard) and to the Estany de l'Ànec (2.240m) where we leave the "tour" and go left (NW) till the rill of Puig Peric which drives us to the col between the two Perics in some 2:45h. Here we find again the main route.

b) Continue right up (N) (on the path described to go down) till the metallic shelter (2.250m) . Here we abandon the valley of la Llosa and go to the right (NE) up to a small col (2.270m) and then we walk flanking over the estany de la Llosa. We already are at the valley of the rill of Puig Peric.
We follow the rill up to the col between the two Perics which we clearly see (NNE). We get there in 2:45h and are again on the main route.

Date of the path September 19, 2003, with the CMSC. The guide was Xavier Losantos.
Useful maps
Carte de Randonnées. Pyrénées, nº 8: Cerdagne-Capcir. 1:50.000. Institut Géographique National, París, 1991.
TOP 25 / 2249 ET. Font-Romeu. 1:25.000. ICN. París, 1997.
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