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Tossal de Cambrils

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The Tossal de Cambrils is a middle size mountain, in the massif of Port de Comte. Even it is not too high, one may see a good panorama of the area of Cambrils and of the mountains at the other side of Segre river. This area is not much visited yet. We can observe the remains of the ancient agriculture. It's an itinerary recomended by the web of the Solsonès.
For summit lovers, the Tossal de Cambrils is a peak, though very modest. It's also a good place for mushroom fans.
It's worth to visit the Salí de Cambrils and the castle of the village, from 11th century, which is built on a hill and has a very nice romanesque church, in process of restoration.
From the Mirador de la Serra Seca, on the approximation route, one may enjoy a splendid view over the Serra de les Canals and the Serra dels Obacs. Both are Montserrat-like and would deserve to be known better.
How to get there
We start from Cambrils, at NE of Solsona. The best way from Barcelona is to go to Solsona and once there, take the road L-301 which leads to Seo d'Urgell and Andorra through La Basella and Oliana. After 3,5 km. there is a a deviation at right, indicating "Cirera" which takes us to Montpol and Cambrils, passing by the old boardhouse. It's a 26 km drive, with splendid views. We have to start walking at the crossroad with the L-401 (going to Sant Llorenç de Morunys), in front of the bar Can Agustí.
Technical data
Time: 5 hours.
Slope: 710 meter (830 m. if we ascend to the Tossal de Cambrils).
Distance: 14,1 km.
Difficulty: SD.
Mobile coverage: not checked.
It's convenient a good footwear. Must carry water because the only fountain we will find is not suitable. It may be pretty chilly in the highest part of the journey so depending upon the season we must take warm clothes. It's recomended for late autumn or winter, if there is not snow. All the way is indicated by signs of "Catalunya Turisme" with the oval icon and two walkers in it. They are not abundant but very well placed.
Description of the route
Cambrils - Cordes - Coll de Veça - Tossal de Cambrils - Prat Caní - Pla Nancau - Cal Petit - Cambrils

Cambrils. 0:00 h; 1090 m. We start at the crossroad of the road to Solsona and the one to Sant Llorenç de Morunys, in front of the Bar Can Agustí.
We walk up direction Llinars, by the road itself. The first curve is at some 200 m. and there we find a signpost indicating "Tossal de Cambrils". We are at "Costa de la Fàbrica", named after and old industry which used to be there. We leave the road and star walking up at right, with a torrent at our side. The path leaves atrail at right and goes up steeply for some 100 m slope.

Trail. 0:18; 1190 m. Once uphill there are two trails. We leave the one at right (which is rudimentary) and follow the other with smooth slope, through some fields. After 5 min. We fin a deviation at right (signpost). We may follow this small trail which very soon joins again with the one we were following. We walk some 20 meter and take a path at left (signpost), leaving the trail, which will find again on our way back. This path goes up through the "baga de Font Oliva", which is a nice shady area. Three min. later we continue ascending and leave another path which goes left. Pretty soon the path leaves the shade and gets out to a bushy area. We see the electric towers which will undercross soon. We get to a secondary trail which we follow at left and inmediately find a more important trail (1380 m) which we take at right.
After 2 min we leave a path at right we cross the head of a torrent and 6 min later, at a left curve, we arrive to a magnificent viewpoint (1460 m) especially over the Cambrils Valley to the south and over the Cogulló de la Serra de Turb eastwards. There is a worked-in cave at the foothill. We continue our ascent by the trail and 5 min later (signpost) we leave it and go up at right through a grassfield. At its highest point we find the Fountain of Prat de Cordes.

Fountain of Prat de Cordes. 1:10 h.; 1500 m. The fountain springs from earth so it's difficult to take water. We continue ascending by a path which follows the right bank of the "Torrent de Lleu" and leaves the mountain edge at left. Seven minutes later we cross the torrent and a trail and keep going up now by the left bank of the torrent. After 9 min we get to "Coll de Veça", by a pond.

Coll de Veça. 1:26; 1610 m. Here we reencounter the trail and we follow it to the right (W), by the shady side of the Tossal de Cambrils, in a pinetree wood, where the "rovellons"mushrooms grow. At this point there are a number of manmade caves to store potatoes, all facing north and covered by earth. They are clean and well kept. The trail ascends slowly up to 1690 m height. After some 100 m of slow descent, there is a secondary trail at right which is the best option if we want to go up to the Tossal.

Deviation to the Tossal de Cambrils. 1:46 h; 1680 m. We take the trail which starts flatly and initially follows closely the previous one. Then it turns right to the Prats Escots where starts going up more steeply direction SEE. We get to the peak in some 20 min, with a geodesical post (1803 m). The view is not good. In order to see the panorama we have to look for a clear spot between the pintrees (towards E) and then will contemplate the Segre Valley and the mountains at the other side. We now have to walk back to the trail and must be careful because the orientation is difficult, even at the peak. Our reference must be the summit of Port del Comte, which has to be always in front of us. Once we are back at the trail, we follow it and some 5 min later we arrive to an area of cultivated fields.

Prat Caní. 2:26 h; 1650 m. Once at this high plateau, we leave the trail, which would take us to the Coll de Portet, and we take another one, clearly going south (signpost). This trail descends smoothly, through cultivated fields. We discard a few lateral trails. Ten minutes later, at the end of the fields (signpost), the trail enters in the head of a torrent (Ribera dels Pouets). We descend into it. Some 4 min later there is a grassy field and the torrent becomes narrower. At this point we must take a path at right (signpost).

Corriol de la Solana. 2:40 h; 1600m. This path maintains its height and goes around the Tossal. Pretty soon we see the torrent becoming deeper. The path crosses a secondary torrent and continues basically flat till the southern extreme of a prolongation of the Tossal, where we see an interesting view. Then it turns right and starts going down, through the Solana del Tossal de Cambrils, with a vegetation pretty diferent from the one we had till now. We cross a small plain and keep going down with a few curves. Then it arrives to an abandoned field.

Camps de Pla Nancau. 3:27 h; 1420 m. We cross this field by its left side and at its end we easily find the path, which continues in pretty sloppy descent. Soon we arrive to another little plain (1300 m) under a notorious crag, at our right. We cross the plain to the NW and descend again till we arrive to a house.

Cal Petit. 4:02; 1160 m. It's an abandoned house. We continue by the low side of the house, leaving at our left a trail which goes to the road of Sant Llorenç de Morunys. We take by a field (signpost) which we leave at our left to proceed to a small hill to NW and where we may see the electric line which we observed on our way up. At the high side of the field, some 100 meter from the house, there is a path which goes up through very bushy woods. Then we cross a torrent and cross under an electric line. Go up to the Camp de Sant Martí and go towards another small torrent but before arriving to it, the path goes up at right (signpost) and soon arrives to a secondary trail (1260 m), which we take to the left to cross the torrent we see in front of us. At the other side there is a small barrack. After crossing, we go up, pass a fence and pretty soon arrive to a more important trail.

Pista de Camp de Sant Martí. 4 :30 h ; 1280 m. We take this trail to the left and some 4 min later there is a trail at left which we leave. Continue by the main trail and after 4 min we arrive to the signpost we found on the way up (min 25, 1235 m).
From this point we just reverse the route we followed when coming up, and in 20 min we are back at the starting point.

Cambrils. 5:00 h. End of the itinerary.

Date of the hike Walked on Thursday, 2 oct 2003, with my friends RR and XL.
Useful maps

Mapa Topográfico Nacional, 1:25.000, sheet 291, II (Llinars), Instituto Geográfico Nacional. The map is very precise on the relief, but the small paths are not shown.
Also useful could be the Mapa Comarcal de Catalunya 1:50.000, eventhough the smaller scale makes it more difficult.

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