TIMSAC Series on Applied Mathematics

The TIMSAC series on applied mathematics is a collection of books written by the members of the Taller d'Integració Matemàtica en els Sabers Compartits (Workshop for Mathematical Integration in the Shared Knowledge), whose main reasearch lines are:

a. Geometry as the gate to science and the knowledge of Nature and mathematics.
b. Introduction and critical use of the concepts of probability and statistics in the analysis of real life problems.
c. Mathematical games as a genuine path for mathematical learning and as element of personal enjoyment and of the development of logic and critical thinking to create winning strategies.
d. The application of mathematics to economic problems.
e. Elements of information and codification theory and cryptography that are fundamental in our information society.

The items of the TIMSAC series are for the moment:

1. Treatise of plane geometry through geometric algebra (November 2007). R. González.

2. Fonaments de probabilitat i estadística aplicades. J. M. Parra, R. González, L. Roselló.

3. El álgebra geométrica del espacio y tiempo (October 2011). R. González.


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Updated 9th October 2011.