As professional reporters you are, you have to be aware of the needs of the market for your work to be successful.  It is important then that you check these rubrics to know what is expected from you and your colleagues.


The evaluation of your performance will be as follows: the reporters that are not in your team, that is to say, the rest of your classmates together with the teacher, will evaluate your performance using rubric 1 and 2. Each group has to agree on a mark to give to their classmates for every oral presentation and activity. There will be 1 oral presentation and 2 activities (one for section A and another for B) per group.


You will individually evaluate your own work with rubric #3 and you will also see some of the things you have learnt when you check for the second time the questions that are specific for the country you have chosen.


Each one of you will have 5 marks at the end of the project as the box shows:


Webzine presentation

1. Classmates’ average mark

2. Teacher’s mark

Activity presentation

3. Classmates’ average mark

4. Teacher’s mark

Individual evaluation

5. Your own mark




1.    Webzine Presentation Rubric

2. Activity Presentation Rubric

3. Individual Evaluation Rubric