You are going to do a number of activities related to the story you have just read about Sarah and Unmesh.

1. Vocabulary work. You are given one sentence from the story with one box in it. In this box you are going to find three synonyms and one antonym to that word. Select the antonym.

Why do this?
   The activity will give you a chance to tell antonyms from synonyms.
   You will hopefully refresh and enlarge your vocabulary.
   You will be acquainted with a series of adjectives that you may include in your writing at the end of this unit.

1.- They were driving through area of the suburb.

2.- ... trying to get warmer in the evening breeze of that early summer.

3.- While having that pudding they had been bitterly quarrelling over something.

4.- While having that sickly pudding, they had been bitterly quarrelling over something like two neighbours over the use of a common backyard.

5.- The sight of that body (a dead one?) them out of their own thoughts.

6.- When they got close to the body, who was perfectly , the car swerved to the right so as not to crush his feet.

7.- Then it was . The car was already far past the body.

8.- Out of the corner of his eye, Unmesh saw the dead man stand on his feet and get on a second car.



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