1. Choose the right synonym of the pink words from the text.

Why do this? To learn new vocabulary and to use the context to understand the meaning of words

1. Summer is near and … holiday …
A. approaching.
B. hot.
C. interesting.


2. It is a fascinating city to see in September when there are not so many tourists around.
A. capital.
B. free.
C. gripping.

3. …the city offers so much, there are so many things to do that you can never get bored.
A. tedious, tired.
B. ripped off.
C. lonely.

4. …your child will enjoy seeing Disney World, which is a memorable and unforgettable experience for the young ones!
A. pleasant.
B. painful.
C. remarkable.

5. … spending your summer in Paris will make your holidays cheaper … you will be able to stay at home with us.
A. easier.
B. more inexpensive.
C. happier.

6. … people say that Paris is one of the most expensive holiday resorts in Europe,
A. most common.
B. most economical.
C. dearest.

7. How do you feel about this? Would you rather go somewhere else?
A. stay.
B. try.
C. prefer to.




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