1. You are going to read some instances of personal writing taken from some people's personal diaries.

Why do this? To see examples that can help you as model writings.


Today I'm so tired!

___________________1________last night I went for a drink with a friend of mine and came back really late.
My friend is young than me but has led a very intense life. An example of this is that he born on a boat when they were trying to get his mother to hospital to give birth. Also, once, when he was diving, his friend's harpoon went off by mistake and hit him on his side. He almost dead.
My friend is really talkative and being with him you never get bored. We walked about six kilometres in the city without realising!



Nadine, 27.4.2000

Today was a cool day, very busy but cool.
I woke up really soon in the morning and had a healthy breakfast. School was closed as it was a holiday so, I packed some lunch and drove to the beach with some friends.
The weather was sunny but extremely windy________________2_____. We talked about our plans for the summer.
We drive to the south of Italy (Sicily) to see the Greek ruins. I can't wait! The afternoon was pleasant as well because two of us came back home and baked a tasty chocolate sponge cake. After, we made some tea and sat on the balcony for a rest. It was a great, wonderful day!


Today it has been a hard but rewarding work day so I feel great actually.
The most exciting event was at the end of the day: One dinner I'll never forget, not because of the food _____________3_________________.

Kaarin, 30.6.2000

Today I had to take some serious decisions about my work. ___________4_____________, I will not spend more than 2 hours in front of the computer screen. Instead, I will take a 15 min break. This will help my eyes and brain rest and my body recover from hours of immobility.
In addition, I will take more time for lunch and specially for a coffee, take a walk and change for a while the suffocated air of my closed office for some fresh air.

Kostas, 8.5.2000

Today I wake up at 6.15 a.m. and, after a while, I got up. I had a shower and after have a huge breakfast, I went off to work. When I got there I realised my paperwork had piled up on the in-tray and I decided it was about time to do it. _______________5_________. After 7 hours I felt exhausted ; I tidied my desk and drove home.
At midday I usually have lunch with my woman and it is probably the best time of the day because we manage always to create a very peaceful and relaxed atmosphere as we talk and laugh about things; we're not too tired and it is a chance to be on our own.

After some time one of us has to get to the nursery school to catch our son Francho. This is the hardest part of the day because our son, in spite of being lovely, is so active and tiring that we end up feeling like a duck after travelling a long long journey from cold Europe to warm Africa.

After his bath and dinner we put him to bed and then cook our own dinner. ____________6_______we are extremely tired and, therefore, we always want to go to bed as soon as possible.

Carles 2000


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