Louis Pasteur
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Louis Pasteur is one of the most famous scientifists of all the history. His contributions to the scientific knowledge and to the health of the human kind are enormous. For example:

  • Germ theory of the infectious diseases.
  • Promotion of changes in hospital practices, that have saved millions of lifes.
  • Discovery of the fact that fermentations are made by microbes.
  • Definitive refute of the spontaneous generation theory.
  • Development of the vaccine against antrax.
  • Development of the vaccine against rabies.
  • Development of the “pasteurization”, a method used even today to destroy dangerous microbes in certain food products.

Pasteur was born in Dole (France), on December 27, 1822. At his death, in 1895, he was buried as national hero by the french government. His remains are now in a crypt of the Pasteur institute, in Paris, builded to continue the research that Louis Pasteur began.

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