Release of the Robot Controller v1 android application

On August 31th is released (2013) of the first version of the Robot Controller application. A mobile tool based on Lego's Mindstorms MINDdroid app and it offers three different modes to run your robot: joystick, sensor and manual mode. Moreover, a full configuration screen allows you to customize motors ports. And yet more to come... three different models: classic, ultrasonic and ultrasonic-touch sensor.

Link to download the application: Robot Controller app

Release of the AEGP v1 android application

This is the release of the AEGP application. A mobile tool that aims to help textil producers to converse between the different systems of the sector: Tex, dTex, Denier, etc.

Among other helpful information the users will found here a concise but complete explanation of the textil's sector nomenclature.

Link to download the application: AEGP app

easycode's Birth

This month of July it's the birth of easycode's company, an association of professional programmers that offer services like: android applications development, websites development, programming training, etc.

It's for sure that they are able to reach the expectations of their clients, designing and building up-to-date and efficient products.

Link to easycode website

Winners of Programame 2013 championship

Last June our Java programming team went to visit Madrid after being classified in Reus for the final of the Programame 2013 tournament.

It was a hard competition but finally our programmers emerged victorious resolving 7 out of 10 problems.

We spent a very special weekend that hopefully we will repeat next year with the next generation of programmer students of Nicolau Copèrnic secondary school.

Link to Programame website

Link to see the pictures of the comptetition