Ideas from boys and girls 


To see
2 magnifying glasses, binoculars, a small camera in each eye, 2 telescopes, torch lights, cotton wool, light bulbs and security cameras.

To hear
2 walkie talkies, 2 speakers,2 funnels, 2 headphones and 2 radars. On each side of the robots head half a kinder egg a tape recorder so that when you speak your voice will be recorded 2 plastic ears and 2 champagne corks.Sim's robot

To speak
A radio inside its head. From a little cassette I will record my voice and put the cassette inside the robots head so that it can talk. I also need a banana skin, cables and a mobile telephone.

Tools used for the hands and to help us do jobs
2 spanners, 2 clips, 2 paint brushes, 1 rubber, 1 pencil sharpener, 3 crayons. 
On one hand a spanner and on the other a hammer. 
I will put some things that you usually use in the classroom on each finger. One hand can have a pencil, a paintbrush and a pair of scissors, and the other hand a tube of glue, 2 cutters and 2 bottles of tippex.
One remote arm .
Some forks, some pliers and some clips.Cristina's robot

To walk
1 vacuum cleaner tube and two roller skates. 
Take a bar and bend it in half and put some screws in it. At the end of the bar put some dolls shoes on so that they look like feet. 
Like a mannequin it has legs that are articulated. It then needs some wheels with controls for the feet. 
Ill pad it with cushions some on the knees and then some around the waist and then Ill push it.
2 Big wheels.
Some remote control wheels, part of a remote control car, electric wheels.

( clic the robot  )

Aina's robot
Ariadna's robot
Arnau's robot
Gerard's robot
Ingrid's robot Joan's robot Laia's robot Miquel's robot Raquel's robot
Vctor's robot Ian's robot Franc's robot Snia's robot Guillem's robot


3rd year primary
Dovella School

Hello Ona.
We want to help you with your problem.
To make a robot you need



A spanner


Hard disc 


We have drawn some pictures of robots and if you look at them you can get some ideas. If you cant read yet ask a grown up to help you and if you need any help send us an e-mail. Here we have some more pictures, Sergi said that Marcels robot is great because it can talk, another day we will send it to you.

Paula's robot Max's robot Alba's robot Sergi's robot


Cavall Fort
1st year primary
Dovella School



 Material that Ona needs for a robot:

 Hammer and nails

Different types of paper, white, coloured, tissue, silver, ...

This is made from iron and glass.

This is an iron robot. He is called Rubotori.

The trunk is made of iron and the rest from wood. The hair is paper and the eyes stones, the nose and the mouth are plastic.

This is the robot our class has made:

Monstres's robot


CEIP Sant Esteve

Hello Ona, my name is Ariadna Ferrer  
First I would start with the feet. I would 2 wheels so that it can move and then afterwards I would make the body using a box. To finish the robot I would make the arms and the head. The arms with 2 broom poles and the head with a decorated balloon.
I have sent you pictures of robots to give you more ideas.

Hi, teachers ! 

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