Hello Iím back with you. I have done my homework, watched television, tidied up my toys and now Iím going to build my robot !
I would to thank all the boys and girls who sent me their ideas. Ariadna, the Monsters, Cavall FortÖ all of you have given me lots of ideas on how to start working on my project. I hope that if anyone else wants to join in they will send their ideas. Lets start my robot it can begin being made by constructing, inventing, mounting, dismounting, screwing and unscrewing... whilst we are thinking of new ideas.


Lets start with the feet, I will give it wheels and this way my robot can move from one place to another. I would like them to be rotating wheels like the ones on supermarket trolleyís or the ones on mummyís office chair, this way my robot can move everywhere.

Itís head must be an old computer of mummyís. She is always saying ď what would I do without a computerĒ? She nearly cried the day she changed her old one. She said it had been great but it couldnít have been so great because she changed it and left the old one in the loft. Iím sure she wonít even notice if I take it. It will be great because through the screen the robot can talk to us.  


For the arms we can use these old brooms but wait! Why do we need two brooms? Better if we put one broom to sweep with and a tool for the other arm, maybe a tube. What a good idea. It will be an arm that you can stretch and Iíll put a glove on it so that it looks like a hand ! 
Phew! It hasnít got any legs but it doesnít matter because it can move really well with these fantastic wheels I have found. I think they must have been granddads because I have never seen them before !


Wow !! this robot looks fantastic !
Now whatís missing is a nice name. What about Ot the robot ? donít confuse it with Ot el bruixot, although it may have some strange powers like a wizard. What about Xip? No thatís the name of Lauraís dog. Letís see... I know, Iíll ask him.
- Hello ! .
Heís not answering me.
- Hello ROBOOT !

Heís still not answering me but I want him to work. Let me think... What could be missing? Pauís remote control car works with a battery, the hairdryer must be plugged in and itís clear that if you move you canít be  plugged in, now what! 


Oh, I need some more help. Iím going to write a letter right now to all my friends who have helped me, lets see if they can think of a nice name and how to make the robot work. Quick I want to start playing with my robot right now !!

 Illustration: Rosa Rincůn


If you want to help Ona send your ideas, pictures, robots... to



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