Ideas from boys and girls

Hello Ona, our class is called Xanquers and our school Dovella. We are really happy to be able to help you. We have got together in groups and now we are sending you the finished results of our work. We would like you to know that whilst we were helping you we were having fun and learning new things.

Adrià, Gerard, Marc and Laia thought about these names “xupi pirulis” “Rointa” “ Ringa”, or “Robin”. We thought that this robot would work well with solar energy. We are sending you these 2 drawings so that you can see what we mean.

Robot with solar energy Robot with solar energy

Cristina, Erika, Oscar and Aroa thought of these 3 names, “Flufi”, “Ganis”or “Boliche”. 
This robot will work well with solar energy because it doesn’t contaminate and it costs nothing to put in a solar panel. The solar panel will be the hat, it will work with the light from the panel and the solar battery. Let us know if you need anything.

Robot with panel and solar battery Robot with panel and solar battery

Arnau, Miquel O, Miquel V and Joan have thought of these 3 names and you can choose, “rovo mics”, “flora vivi”or “Gipi”. 
This robot will work by using solar energy. We will put a solar panel which saves energy very quickly and works at night. From the panel some cables will be connected to the hard disc and that’s how it will work

Robot with solar panel and cables Robot with solar panel and cables

Raquel, Cecília, Andrea, Íngrid and Víctor have chosen these 3 names and you can decide on one: ”Ipix”, “Robo Geni” or “Vicar”.

The energy must be electric because it is an electrical object which needs electricity and also works with a battery. In order that the battery works you must be able to plug it in and wait one day so that it can recharge. Afterwards you put it inside the robot, this drawing will help you to understand easier.    Robot with electric energy

Ariadna, Franco, Simó and Aina  have chosen 3 names and you can decide which one you like best “Gremli”, “Marcia”,or “Robotina”.

Robot with electric energy and chip You could put in a chip and then connectors all over the body. This energy should be electrical.

Sara, Sònia, Guillem and Ían have chosen 3 names “Buqui”, “Ximpi” or “Ordi”.
We think in order for this robot to function the energy should be geothermic. Take a pot of iron with 2 holes one at the top and one at the bottom and fix the energy through the hole at the bottom.

Robot with geothermic energy Robot with geothermic energy

                             See you soon !

3er primària
Escola Dovella



Xanquers working Xanquers working

Hello ONA!

We are the class of the Monsters. We have chosen some names for your robot…

CARLOTA: EDUARD ( the same name as her daddy and her P.E teacher)
LAURA: MANEL (like her daddy)
ALEIX: PELUTXI (like his dog)

So that it can work it needs batteries in its back. We would like you to visit us one day with your robot so that we can see how it moves. We have also made a robot.            


CEIP Sant Esteve

Hi, teachers ! 

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