You have sent me so many ideas and I have tried so many of them that I have been really busy for days. Let me explain to you how it all went

Well, Iíve given the robot that he needed, I want him to help with some of the school tasks we have, Iíve changed his glove and on each finger Iíve put a different tool, a pencil, scissors, glue and a cutter. Well thought out, donít you think ?

  While I was looking for all this, I found some earphones so now he can listen to music and he can also hear me. I can tell him secrets and he can tell me some too ! ( no one can hear us, I have only told you this ).  


Now energy! Lets start by taking advantage of solar energy. Iíve been told that it doesnít contaminate and it costs nothing. All I need is a solar panel and an accumulator. Iíll also use electrical energy, Iíll fix up a plug, a battery and a  battery recharge, of course. Iíll connect this energy with cables which Iíll put all over his body and then Iíll put in a computer chip.

Iíve also made an invention with geothermic energy and for this I need a pot of iron with two holes in it and a tube to join them together. Iíll use the fingers of the glove to build it. Iíll also put in a ventilator to take advantage of the wind and Iíll throw some nuts on it hazelnuts and almonds which daddy says give you lots of energy. 


Now you have to help me. Cross your fingers, press on the button and lets hope all goes well  !! 




- Who are you ?
Who are you ?

- Iím a lonely little girl.
- Well I donít know what I am but Iím also alone.

- You are a robot !
- R-O-B-O-T ? is it dangerous ?

- No, no, how can you be dangerous if you have only just been born and you havenít got a name.
- I havenít got a name -  I havenít got a name

- Lets see, I have a good name for you, Xancot, because I have some friends here who have helped me a lot and they would love to call you by that name.  
- Call  me -
call me !

- Yes, itís easy ! When you hear Xancooot you have to come right away to see whatís wrong  or hide quickly and pretend not to hear.
- X-A-N-C-O-T... proceeding..


- If you want to stay with me we wonít be alone, now you will have to hide a little because if my mummy or daddy see you they might not understand. They think they know everything but some things are just impossible for them to understand. You can live in the shed because they never go there. But what do you need to live ? 
- Looking for informationÖ vital necessitiesÖlooking for informationÖ wait whilst chargingÖ pay attention to the screenÖ on alertÖ Oh it all happened so quickly I didnít understand anything.

- Do you know what, Xancot ? I think itís better if I talk to my friends and discover more things about you and your hard disc, which at the moment weíre not sure exactly how it works. Lets write down on this piece of paper all the things a robot needs to live and other things like what Lauraís budgie needs and the cherry trees in the orchard. Oh, I think we are getting a bit muddled up. Lets see if my friends can put things in order and tell us what each person/thing needs to live. 

Oh, no ! I need more help right now. Iím going to write a note to all my friends who have helped me !!

 Illustration: Rosa Rincůn


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