Hello Iím Ona, nearly a big girl who is almost 5 years old. 

I like dogs, hopping, colouring with sharp crayons and I like making mud balls ( donít you know how )? Look itís easy ! You get some sand from the playground and spit some bubbles until it is soft and then you make a ball. My friend Laura makes lovely ones that donít break .


My daddy works as...
               I donít really know.

He works very hard, he has a briefcase and he keeps treasures and important things in it, he never leaves it alone

Sometimes at night he comes in my room to give me a kiss and I donít even hear him.


My mummy is the boss but I donít know where.

People are always phoning her and she spends lots and lots of hours on her computer.


One day I had a dream that I was being chased by  fierce dogs and I was very frightened. I shouted for mummy but she didnít hear me and just carried on working on her computer.


I donít have any brothers or sister, no dog, no cat, no rabbit or hamster not even a ladybird that I can call my own ď animals are just too much workĒ.

Nuria looks after me and gives me my afternoon snack but sheís too old to play with me.

I watch television and read but Iím bored. I need a friend.

If granddad was here Iím sure he would help me, he knows a lot about inventions.

So now what? I know what Iím going to do Iíll go to the shed look for some tools and invent a friend all on my own.

A robot! I will invent a robot! it will be my friend

I need  something for a head so that it can talk and see and hear, some tools for itís hands so that it can help me do jobs and legs so that it can move... This could be difficult...

Perhaps it would be better if I looked for help.

                                         Do you want to help me?

 Illustration: Rosa Rincůn


If you want to help Ona, send your ideas, pictures, robots to... mpedreir@pie.xtec.es



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