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Glorieta from the ermita del Remei

Description of the itinerary

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How to get there
Once in Alcover (see itinerary 1-AC), we move towards Mont-Ral. Before leaving Alcover we find a detour al left marked "Ermita del Remei". We must follow it and will get there after 2,5 Km. There is an ample parking area in front of the shrine.
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Technical data
Time: 4 h 50 m
Slope: +620 meter
Distance:15,6 Km
Difficulty: F-2, T-1
Points of Interest
It's a highly varied route. Part of it shows lush vegetation -mainly at the Serra del Pou-. Other parts are quite dry, like the surroundings of the Ermita del remei and finally, others are very rough like the higher area of the river Glorieta, which might be considered the most attractive point of the whole walk. Specific interesting points are: the shrine of "Les Virtuts", the viewpoint at the peak of the "Serra del Pou", the little village of L'Aixàviga, the "Nevera", the gorges of Glorieta and the basins that this river forms on appearing. All together makes the itinerary highly recommendable. See photographs
May be is a llitle bit too tough in the summer because it runs through warm areas and the altitude is not important.; nevertheless the clean water of the river allows for a refreshing bath. Only one watering point which is placed in the fountain of L'Aixàviga, which people told us the water was drinkable.
Description of the route
Ermita del Remei - Santuari de les Virtuts - Serra del Pou - L'Aixàviga - Nevera del Muster - Engorjats del Glorieta - Fonts del Glorieta - Ermita del Remei.
Ermita del Remei. 0:00, 345 m. We depart from the open area in front of the shrine, direction West, by a track which goes towards the Glorieta Valley. We leave a detour at right. After 7 minutes there is a pathh at left going to the Glorieta and to Mas Monravà. We don't take it. After a while we see a track at right, which also leave. After additional 13 min we arrive to the river Glorieta, which we cross through a ford. Before crossing it there is there is a path at our right which goes to "Molins Nous". But I have not walked it and don't know its condition. After crossing we go slowly up, through a hazel wood.

Deviation. 0:25: 400 a. Some three minutes after crossing the river we find this deviation which is easy to overlook. We must pay attention when arriving at the end of the hazel wood at our left, because the track continues straight but we leave it. After the last row of hazels we must turn left, witout any clear path. The clearer signal is an abandoned van, Citroën 2CV, showing a small signal and the inscription "Les Virtuts". At the end of the field the path appears, going up at right (NW). We follow it, with quite a few turns. Pretty soon goes up through a small pass, leaving and old and abandoned track. We must also leave a few coalman paths, abandoned, as well.

Fork. 0:50; 475 a. 25 minutes later we find a path coming at our left. We continue going up, and soon we see the Santuary de Les Virtuts, at the other side of the crag. In order to get there, we must turn around the crag and then go down at right.

Santuari de Les Virtuts.
1:10h; 660a. It's located over a barranc. (Must point out that is misplaced in the map of Muntanyes de Prades, published by the Centre de Lectura de Reus, 1998).It's a good place to rest and contemplate, but the buiding is in ruins and only some walls are left. We get out of the sanctuary, direction NW, trough a path with vague red signals. Don't know where are they coming from and we abandon them inmediately. May be is an ald path that the owner of the Mas Tinet told us that use to go from Les Virtuts to Grau del Mal Pas. But it had been abandoned and we were not abal to find any trace at all. A while after, we leave a track and come out to a field, which we contour through its lower side. At the end we cross it and walking by the lower part of another field, we get to another track.
At the end of these fields, we see a barrack at left (Mas Maseter or its stockyard).

1:17h; 700a. We follow the track at right, descending slightly. Ten minutes later we arrive to Mas del Tinet.In two more minutes we leave another track at our right (don't know where it goes) and in one more minute there is and abandoned fountain. The track ends and a path continues which goes to the Grau del mal Pas. We follow this track, pretty good. Four minutes later there is a fork.

1:33h; 730a. At our right (NW), a path descends to the Glorieta river, as described in the itinerary 1-AC. We have to follow it, so entering the itinerary Glorieta from Mont-ral at the time 0:50.

It. Glorieta from Mont-ral through the fork of the Gual (Ford) del Glorieta.
3:15h Once arrived to the pond in the plains,we continue straight down following yellow/white signals, in stead of going right to cross the Glorieta. Anyhow, it is absolutely recommended to take a detour in order to visit the rivers basins if we don't want to loose the nicest and most interesting part of the itinerary.
Once satisfied we go back to the fork and continue going down through a good and evident path, with a substantial slope, though, till Molins Nous. We have sided a water pipe as well as an abandoned hydraulic power plant. Soon we arrive to a track which takes us to croos the Glorieta again. We follow it, at the left side of the river. At right there is "Molins Nous". We disregard several tracks at both sides of ours, and after a while we arrive to the path we had taken at the hazell wood. From here, just continue to get the car.

Ermita del Remei.
4:50h. End of the itinerary.

Date of the hike Itinerary covered on Nov 28, 2002, with my friends RR and XL.
Useful maps
The best one is "Mapa excursionista de les Muntanyes de Prades", 1:30.000 published by ICC and the "Centre de Lectura de Reus". I have used the 1998 edition but must bear in mind the observations above stated.
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