POINT X(100)

r128 point X(125), orthic triangle
r446 circumcircle, circumconic, point X(190), Mittenpunkt
r522 Feuerbach hyperbola, Jerabek hyperbola, excentral triangle
r652 excenters, Bevan point, Feuerbach point
r721 cevian quotient, point X(190), Steiner point
r1351 Simson line, circumcenter, incenter
r1352 point X(104)
r1367 circumcevian triangle, incenter, perspective
r1429 circumcevian triangle, intouch triangle, incenter, Feuerbach point
r1434 Feuerbach point, centroid, Nagel point, circumcenter
r1471 orthologic triangles, circumcircle, incenter, circumcenter
r1691 circumcircle, point X(190), Steiner circumellipse
r1763 incenter, point X(80), complement
r1802 isogonal points, circumcevian triangle, incircle
r1947 incenter, Euler line, excenters, point X(80)
r2027 circumcenter, incenter, ninecircle, incentric triangle, isogonal of the infinite point, radical center