r6 first Brocard triangle, parallelogic triangles
r17 first Brocard triangle, symmedian point
r23 Steiner circumellipse, circumcircle
r24 symmedian point, centroid, tripole
d Parry point
d Wallace hyperbola
d Tarry point
d point X(115)
r101 Steiner axis, symmedian point, centroid, circumcenter, Tarry point
r118 perspector, Kiepert parabola
r173 Fermat points, anticomplement
r237 Simson line, Brocard line
r258 inconic, perspector
r435 isogonal of the infinite point, Brocard points
r513 Fermat triangles, perspective, concyclic points
r559 anticomplement, medians, perspective, Kiepert hyperbola
r625 Tarry point, Brocard points, antigonal points, cevian triangle
r644 point X(110), circumconic, Lemoine line, De Longchamps line, circumcircle, isogonal lines, isotomic lines
r648 medial triangle, orthic triangle, Simson line
r701 point X(681), Euler line, Brocard line, point X(110)
r721 cevian quotient, point X(100), point X(190)
r730 point X(376), point X(74), retrocenter
r762 Morley triangle, circumtangential triangle, circumcircle, isotomic points, Steiner circumellipse, third Brocard point, homothetic triangles
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