r1 isogonal points
r12 antimedial triangle, third Brocard point
r15 first Brocard triangle, perspective, third Brocard point
r18 pedal triangle, concyclic points
r14 medial triangle, third Brocard point
d Brocard circle
r78 third Brocard triangle, perspective, first Brocard triangle, Conway point
r79 perspective, third Brocard triangle, point X(32)
d Beltrami points
d Brocard ellipse
d first Brocard triangle
r131 Neuberg circles
r165 first Brocard triangle, third Brocard triangle
r259 circumcevian triangle
r435 Steiner point, isogonal of the infinite point
r449 first Brocard triangle, isotomic points
r488 circumcevian triangle, Lemoine line, symmedian point, isodynamic points
r613 antigonal points, Steiner circumellipse
r614 antigonal points
r625 Tarry point, Steiner point, antigonal points, cevian triangle
r689 circumcenter, Apollonian circles, second Brocard triangle, pedal triangle, Beltrami points, similar triangles
d Gallatly circle
r822 Tucker circles
r1040 orthocentroidal circle, incenter, symmedian point, Spieker point, Gergonne point, Nagel point, Feuerbach point, Fermat points, Napoleon points
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