r7 first Brocard triangle, orthologic triangles
r20 centroid, first Brocard triangle, Euler line
r80 orthocenter, point X(32), Brocard line
r91 Kiepert hyperbola, circumcircle
r92 isogonal of the infinite point, Brocard line
r101 Steiner axis, symmedian point, centroid, circumcenter, Steiner point
r104 point X(115), Fermat points, orthocenter
r146 ninecenter, third Brocard point, symmedian point, point X(262)
r251 Euler line, Fermat axis, orthocenter, Kiepert hyperbola
r250 circumcircle, centroid, Fermat axis, point X(110)
r321 Neuberg triangle, perspective
d Neuberg circles
d point X(237)
r509 point X(115), point X(110), Parry point, complement, ninecircle
r625 Steiner point, Brocard points, antigonal points, cevian triangle
r626 altitudes, circumconic
r682 Steiner dual line, point X(125), centroid
r699 point X(842), Euler line, Brocard line, point X(74)
r981 intouch triangle, Feuerbach point, Brocard circle
r1023 orthocenter, MacBeath conic, isogonal points, isotomic points, point X(125)
r1112 circumcircle, Brocard line, Steiner point, Steiner axis
r1124 point X(671), point X(190), Spieker point, Euler line
r1139 Euler line, tripolar, Brocard circle
r1169 Brocard line, Lemoine line, Steiner point, isogonal points, orthocenter, circumconic, point X(32), point X(237)
r1174 centroid, symmedian point, isotomic points, De Longchamps line
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