2. While you are reading INSERT the 5 phrases given to you in the right place in the text:

Olors, at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya is an interesting play. The staging is striking and a group of actors manage to put on a commendable performance effectively on stage.

In my opinion the best performance is that of the elderly granny who, though apparently as deaf as a post, and has the wittiest and most endearing lines. Her part introduces a new element to the play and her humorous lines are among the best ones.

Another feature that stands out is the far from happy family relationships between the characters- those on stage and those alluded to off it -. Their innermost feelings for each other a are finally dragged out into the open after having stuck to hypocritical social conventions for years .
There's the ever-present romantic element: on the one hand we experience a certain bitterness and nostalgia for the loved ones that have gone and, on the other, we are also faced with the chance encounter and sexual attraction between two characters
The immigration phenomenon yet again provides the social backdrop to the play. However it is annoying to see how an issue that has caused such social upheaval and that should be defended by those in a position of social commitment in order to oppose the implacably conservative Government policies, is absorbed by official institutions, . When immigration and racist issues are dealt with by officialdom, the rest of us, are left with little to do and little to protest about. It is a good way of satisfying our consciences and keeping us quiet .



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